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What is Multimedia Marketing?

Updated: May 14

Multimedia marketing is exactly what the name implies – it is a method of combining different forms of media to reach your audience and build brand recognition. The approach uses traditional media such as radio, newspaper ads, and direct mail, as well as digital channels such as email, mobile, and social media.

Many businesses that have done well using only traditional media are reticent to adopt a multimedia marketing approach that incorporates digital channels, but this is asking for trouble. According to a 2012 Survey by Pew Research Center, 62% of U.S. adults used their smartphone to get information or help them make a purchasing decision in the last month. Specifically, 30% used their smartphone to decide whether to visit a business.

Typically, multimedia components are divided into:

  • Text. This refers to written documents, the words seen in handouts, powerpoint presentations, Web sites, and reports. One of the most simple types of media, text is also used to communicate the most information and appears in conjunction with visual aids.

  • Audio. This is the sounds that often accompany visual presentations. Sound by itself can be used in radio broadcasts or online audio files, but in multimedia presentations audio is used as a complementary media. Sound effects can help make a presentation more memorable, while hearing the main points of information spoken can help listeners focus.

  • Still images. Photographs, taken either by digital or analog means, are an important part of multimedia productions. Well-placed visual aids can explain concepts with clarity.

  • Animation. Animations are graphics that move, accompanied by audio effects.

  • Video. Video media is used to spread interviews, create movies, and post personal updates to communicate business messages. Currently, businesses can use videos online or create CDs to spread for instructional use within their company.

  • Interactivity. The newest form of multimedia, interactivity, is a computer-based tool which allows users to choose to learn different parts of information on their own terms. By highlighting or choosing links and sections, users can manipulate the information environment, examining whatever knowledge is important to them.

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