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Our services offer more than buying ads—we’re Producing Calls, Leads, or Clicks. At CTA Media, we excel in leveraging a wide range of tools and techniques to ensure your campaigns not only meet but exceed expectations.
From in-depth research and consumer insights to strategic media planning and targeted media buying, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your ROI. Our expertise spans Direct Response Advertising, Click-to-Call initiatives, Pay-Per-Call campaigns, and more, ensuring a comprehensive approach aligns with your marketing needs.

CTA Media Specialties

Direct Response


Mobile Marketing

Strategy, Planning and Buying



Our Specialties: Canadian & Hispanic American Media Buying

Market Analysis. Performance Marketing review.


Pay-for-Performance Marketing Taps into the Power of Customer Buying

The era of data-powered marketing has arrived. Performance marketing provides advertisers with more control and valuable insights into the performance of campaigns. Performance marketing works by choosing an action – whether it’s a sale, lead, or click – and paying only when that desired action has been completed.


Advertising with Canadian Media Demands Customization and Micro-Targeting

The Canadian advertising market is the 9th largest advertising market in the world with advertising spending in Canada projected to be nearly $12 billion by 2022, according to Statistica. Knowing how to work within that market requires experience with advertising agencies and media in markets from Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver.

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CTA Media Knows the US Hispanic Media Buying Markets

Hispanic media buying holds immense potential that is frequently underestimated. However, it deserves primary attention. At CTA Media, we specialize in marketing to Hispanic Americans using top-notch digital and traditional media platforms. We are well-versed in creating content in Spanish, English, or a combination of both as per market needs. Initiating a connection with buyers in this rapidly expanding and crucial market is imperative, and the time to start is now.


Leverage the Travel Inclusivity Program (TIP) to get Certified & Reach New Audiences

Whether your business is certified and seeking targeted marketing or on the path to autism certification, CTA Media’s Travel Inclusivity Program can help. Empowering businesses to launch autism-friendly programs and communicate this status, TIP aims to increase your customer base by catering to the underserved autism community. Join us in setting a new standard for accessibility and shaping a more inclusive world.

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We Specialize in Media Planning and Media Buying for the Canadian and U.S. Hispanic Media Markets

Media planning is the process of identifying and selecting media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, social media platforms, PPC channels, digital publications, television and radio stations, as well as outdoor placements, for placing paid advertisements.


Engage Audiences via Streaming Content

Explore the dynamic realm of Connected TV (CTV), a cutting-edge advertising avenue that delivers actionable data, ensures brand security, and provides entry to top-tier inventory via collaborations such as with CTA Media. Enhance your campaigns and maximize ROI by tapping into CTV's extensive premium inventory and pioneering advertising formats. Join forces with CTA Media to unlock a world of possibilities, crafting compelling and unforgettable ad journeys for your audience.

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“We developed a great partnership with CTA Media and their dedication to deliver results is evident in all past and current projects. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to taking care of our clients, and most importantly their diligence in optimizing to hit their KPIs.”

Anna Jefferis-Lewis

VP Partnership Development, WorkBook6

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